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Ouch 2 years ago
I went out with a guy that wanted to tie me up and have sex i was ok with it . He tied me up said i feel sorry for your tight asshole he then pulled out a dick that i would of ran from but i was tied up it was 17 inches and as big around as a 20 ounce pop bottle . I told him i have never had anal sex.. His dick stretch my asshole so much and it hurt he shove it all in and i scream He fuck my asshole 6 hours and shot 5 huge loads in me . He tore me a new asshole
3 years ago
Her voice oh I'll squirt hearing her moan like a slut
Heheh 1 year ago
It hurts her going in because it so bone dry
Spit on it or something.
Hunny 3 years ago
Oh baby your a good girl take it like a true lady my girl
3 months ago
Paloazteca 2 years ago
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